quarta-feira, 8 de novembro de 2006


I look at you (since the first time), and don’t ask me why, I would like to be at your side. You caught my attention with the sound of your voice, with your smart way to talk, with the mysterious that involves you. You looked so serious at the beginning, and then I discovery that you’re this kind man that I always dream of. You’re different that's why you instigate me. And maybe now you’ll become my new friend.

But I’m sure that I want more than that…

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Leon' VonSeux disse...

(L) (L)


Farias, I. disse...

After meeting your blog, I had to post a comment. For some reason, this one attracted my attention.
I have to tell you that either you have a creative mind, or you wrote down you inner feelings about some platonic love.
I hope you can write some others in many different languages as well (but don't forget to append the translation).
Anyway, if it is really your history, hope you can get what you want.

Gabriel disse...

essa é muito específica (já tinha lido).
Não posso dizer nada além de: "bem escrito".

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