terça-feira, 10 de abril de 2012

There's no such a thing as love. Is that true?

poster do filme Love Actually
Somebody told me there's no such a thing as love. Is that true? If there's no love, why on earth are we here? I was a little bit upset with that news because I always thought that love was the main feeling that guided all the others and helped us to overcome bad things. Even though I could never define what it was, something told me it was a great thing to feel. Actually I thought some day I would find someone to share a long life full of love. But maybe he's right. Somehow he made a good point! People these days are so insane, so selfish and heartless that the only reason for that should be the lack of love. And it's too bad.

(Grazielle Santos Silva)

* Pôster do filme "Love Actually"... Porque ainda há esperança. Who knows?!

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